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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Twin Flame and Twin Soul Summer Time Blues

Twin Flames Summer Time Blues

Feeling tired and sad in your Twin Relationship

So many of the Twin Couples and all those who are still trying hard to be a couple have the same problem right now: sadness and being tired of all the ups and downs.
You might ask yourself... will it ever really happen for me ?

It is true that you see and hear about so many cases where it seems that it is impossible, but sadly enough you don't hear enough of all the other Twin stories:
  • Stories of success and happiness.
  • Stories of final reunions that are amazing.
  • Stories of Twins who had to overcome the most painful obstacles but still succeeded and became one.
  • Stories of miraculous help from the Universe when it seemed hopeless.
  • Stories of the Runner returning and joining his/her Twin for the greatest union of all.
Over the years I have worked with hundreds of these kind of couples and have seen them reunite successfully. Many are too shy to share their story and would rather just live it, which is understandable after some of the hardship they have been through. I have seen couples come together from across the globe, traveling thousands of miles and leaving behind everything to be with their Twin.
You might think that every story has to be one of struggle and heart ship when you see some of the videos on YouTube. Not all are like that.
I would like to set the record straight about the failed reunions: there are more success stories than failures. Like with everything else in life, the Twin story is part of the journey and we decide where it will lead us: into the light or into a place of loneliness and despair.
You might say but we are not in control... I say you are ! The Universe guides you in the right direction, but it is up to you to walk your own path. You already know that the timing is the most important thing in the Twins reunion, so instead of worrying on when it will happen you should allow for it to happen naturally.
When manifesting, you have to let go after you manifest what it is you need, allowing the Universe to work its magic. Most of the things that seem important to you when you are struggling with being apart are most likely just things that are minor and would not cause any problem if you were together. It is the Ego telling you that he/she should be calling you more, telling you I love you more often and expressing the need to be together all the time. Just remember: even if your Twin does not do all the things you expect him/her to do all the time, it does not mean he or she is not feeling the pain and the love the same way you do.
All of the couples that I know personally and worked with told me that during the waiting period that they often doubted every little thing that was not exactly the way they felt it should be. Very often this silly doubt and the feeling of not being treated the way we should be treated by our Twin can be very damaging for both. Never forget that living in duality is still a big part of the uncertainty we are all experiencing all the time; don't let it get the best of you.
When you are feeling like there is no hope and you are ready to give up, try to find and read about all the success stories rather than watching another failed and bitter Twin story on YouTube. You have a choice of how you want to live your life, make it the very best choice and don't take second best as an alternative.
If you realize that your reunion is not possible at the present time, put it in the hands of the Universe and let it be until the timing is perfect. Even if you could force it, it would not be long before you would be right back to square one. So if you are feeling blue and sad this summer because you are still not with your Twin, try to envision how amazing it will be when you finally reunite, at the right time.
On a personal note, if you are in Florida and interested in a personal consultation or would like to attend one of my workshops please contact me.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Twin Flames and Financial Problems by Cirrias

Twin Flames and Financial Problems

Finding and connecting your Twin Flame/Twin Soul was successful and now you wonder about what will happen in the future. Many of us have found our twin living thousands of miles away in another country. In most of the success stories that I have been involved, one thing was always present; how do we overcome the challenge of moving to another country. Both emotionally and financially this can be the biggest challenge you ever had to face in your life.
I can truly say it was that way for me!
I pretty much gave away most of my belongings since I could not take them, including clothes and personal items. If you very attached to your possessions, it can be a very hard thing to do; maybe even impossible . Leaving behind your life and family is already a big emotional issue and entering a new life with very little is not easy. In all the years I have been helping twins finding each other, I did not see to many of them having an over abundance on money and assets. Most of us are just normal people who trying to live a good live and working hard to have some comfort in it.
So if you feeling you ready to go or your twin is the one that will make the move, and you wonder were the money will come from to it; you need to learn how to manifest in to your life what you need. Some of you who have already tried with little success will say; " it will never work, I already tried it".
There is a right way and a wrong way to manifest and intent, so maybe you want to give it another try; after all what do you have to loose.

Learning how to manifest the right way with Cirrias

If you one of the lucky couples were money plays no role and you already planning your move; please consider sharing some of your efforts with others who are still trying to find out what would be the best way to do it. Sometimes a little help can make all the difference when you looking for the best and most efficient way to get things done. It is one of my dreams to have an international network of Twin Flames/Twin Souls, who share experiences and help each other. After all who would be better qualified then a twin to help another twin.
I did start a network just recently, but of course it will take some time for people to come and join and even more time for them to feel confident in sharing their own experiences with the group.

Twin Flames Connections

Just think about how helpful it can be to post things like cheap flights you found out about recently but the information is not very well advertised. Many of us are in a position where we could help and advice with legal matters that can arise when you have to move and the cost involved in it. I am not asking you to help somebody by using your own finances, but rather with tips and advise on were to find the best ways, and if possible the cheapest way to deal with some of the necessary expenses.
I hope you will consider to join the network and be part of this very unique group.

If you are one of the many struggling with financial problems that could jeopardize your final reunion; please join me for the live video on how to manifest the right way to bring abundance in to your life.

Blessings of Love and Light

By Cirrias 2014Twin Flames and Financial Problems

Friday, February 28, 2014

Learning how to manifest the right way with Cirrias

Learning how to Manifest

Please join me on Thursday March 13, 2014 for about one hour of information on how to manifest and intent the right way. Looking forward to see you there
Blessings of Love and Light

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cosmic Lives by Cirrias

Cosmic LivesWhat are exactly cosmic lives?
Looking beyond Planet Earth and seeing the endless possibilities of other life forms, raises the questions about our origins. If you believe in reincarnation; you know that we have been here many times and return as many times as we choose to reincarnate.
It all starts before the beginning of our time, before time was created.
Most of us know about people who claim to have come from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus to name just a few. But do you know your own origins?
The planet we live on at the present time is very young and still evolving; but yet some of the oldest souls are part of the human population here on Planet Earth.
With the raising of consciousness and the spiritual awakening, comes the memory of past lives. We often dream about places and people that seem very familiar to us, but yet totally strange and alien. Hidden deep inside ourselves, and embedded in our original DNA; lays the knowledge of all we have been and all we are.
So we ask ourselves; how do I retrieve this memories and how can I be sure these are indeed my own memories?
There are a few different ways to achieve this:
Light Body Activation
DNA Activation
Cosmic Life Reading
Past Life Reading
You should choose a person you trust to do help you with these activations and readings; it is important to have a connection to your Guide. In my over 45 years of helping people finding answers, I always made a very deep connection with my clients, and stayed in contact over years to come.
The answers you getting from a cosmic life reading for instance; can be very eye opening and often overwhelming. Not only will it show you were you came from originally, but also your abilities. Sometimes you might wonder if you have been dreaming about a special place, or if you really known it, at some point and time.
The answer is simple; if you feel familiar with people and places in your dreams, chances are you have been there and part of it, in a previous life.
Most of us had a De Ja Vu experience, and some of us, seem to have them all the time. Does it seem strange to you, that you know people in your vision speak a different language for instance, but you have no problem understanding what they talking about? Well most likely, you really do know how to speak and understand.  You just tapped in to your subconscious mind and find the memories of that particular life. But what if you see a place and people that look like nothing you have ever seen before, yet it feels strangely familiar to you. You will question yourself and wonder if your mind is playing tricks on you; after all, you seen Stargate :)
 So these alien like creatures or people you see, waking up something inside of you, that for all practical reasons makes no sense to you.
Welcome to your cosmic life !!
When you first have these impressions and visions, nothing makes sense to you. In most cases you start a Google search on strange dreams and hope to find an explanation. Now that you ready to find out about all of this more than strange and almost crazy sounding ideas of cosmic lives; you really want to know more. The problem with knowing more is; once you tapped in to it, you want to know what it means for yourself. This is were you usually end up with a person like myself, who offers more insight and information, that is customized for you. After all, now you want to know, if you indeed are Pleiadian or if you have just been having crazy dreams.
This is when your true Journey begins
Like myself you will take a journey back to new beginnings

What are cosmic lives, by Cirrias

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Past Lives with your Twin

Crossing paths with your Twin in past lives

Have you had a dream that seemed so real to you that you actually could feel, taste and touch the things you were doing in this "dream" ? Well maybe this is not really a dream but rather a memory of one of your past lives !

Some of us have left notes in their own akashic records to remind themselves about situations and people that touched their life in a special way. If you experienced a great love affair in your past life and promised the other person to see them again in the next life, you want to be sure to recognize him/her when you meet in the next reincarnation.

In many of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul readings and past lives readings I have done over the past 45 years I have often seen these sealed notes. It usually is labelled and gives instructions and information about what to do if found in the present life. Sometimes it also contains a warning about the other person who left them standing alone when it was time to make a commitment. Here we are often introduced to the , the person who clearly was not ready to accept the full responsibility of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul relationship and the mission that comes with it. Leaving a note to prevent the same hardship in the next life seems to be the reasonable thing to do. I often see the same couple crossing path in many past lives, not always knowing anything about them being twins.

So if the final reunion has not happened in the past, it is still possible for the to show up in the present life, still not ready to commit. There is no coincidence in life, you decided to look at your records exactly at the time when he/she has once again hurt your feelings and you wanted to know "". The only conclusion I can come to is that you left behind the note and set a time marker, knowing you would cross paths with him/her again.
If both of you were happy and secure in your relationship in your past life but did not reunite, it simply means reunion was not possible at this time.

In this present life we are in, I have seen more people reuniting than ever before ! The energies on our planet are right for the reunion and the start of the twin mission; never before has there been a better time. I access the Akasha almost on a daily base and I see past lives by the thousands, never has there been a time in the past on this planet with more reunions.

We live most of our past lives to prepare for the right moment if we are part of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul Legacy, waiting and preparing not only for the reunion but also to start and finish our mission together. The missions of the twins are important and essential for the awakening and the survival of our planet, how could we be unprepared for such an important task.

So the next time you have a "dream" about you and your twin in a strange setting and an unknown time and location but it feels incredibly real, you might be seeing yourself in a past life together.
Try to remember your "dream" and write it down, chances are that you will have more like this one and very often it actually continues where it left of the last time. You may even see yourself writing the note and so you are aware of it. It will be up to you to make the decision to access your records; no matter if you do it yourself or with the help of a past life reader, it is definitely a great tool to find out more about your past relationship with your twin.

The bond you share reaches way across life times and can never be severed, so you will always be guided in the right direction to find and, eventually when the time is right, to reunite.
So watch for the signs, record your dreams and keep the faith. The day of reunion is close, so let your light shine and show him/her the way back to you !
By Cirrias
Crossing Path with your Twin in Past Lives

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hope for Twin Flames/Twin Souls

Hope for Twin Flames / Twin Souls ? Yes !

During the last few months I have been contacted by so many Twin Flames / Twin Soul Couples who finally found each other, or in some cases found each other again after a long separation. Unfortunately the reunion is not always what they expected and it seems there is a constant pulling away and coming back going on. What can cause this strange behavior when every fiber of your being wants to be together ?
There are no simple answers, every case is unique and has its own timing of course. But there is one thing that all of them seem to have in common: the strong will not give up to make the final reunion , no matter what.
When I speak to some of you I am truly amazed about the determination I can feel coming from you. You are ready to go wherever destiny takes you and you standing your ground when it comes to all the . This behavior and you reaching out to me caused me to investigate the energies behind of your road blocks.

Here is my channel of Hope for You directly from Source and the Universal Consciousness

I am Cirrias and I am here today to find answers for all who seek to finalize the Divine Union of the Twin Flame and the Twin Soul.
Can you please advise me, why are there so many road blocks at this present time preventing the finalization of the reunions ?
The road blocks you talking about are nothing more than stepping stones put down by the ignorance of one that is not ready yet. The point we are trying to make is that two halves can only fit together if both are willing to merge. So, if one of the mirrors is still clouded it will take the stronger one to make him or her see.
Why does it have to be so painful and exhausting when all it takes is Divine Intervention to open the eyes of the ignorant ?
The finding and coming together is part of the reunion and cannot be helped along, it would be changing the destiny for both and free will would be altered. But we see the suffering and have sent help and hope for those who are seeking it. Help in form of awakening, and enlightening for the ones that are still in the darkness.
What action can the left-behind take when the other part has already left and now seeks a way to find each other again ?
The Divine Union of Twins can never be severed, they will find a way to be together again no matter the obstacles. As you know their bond reaches beyond and across life times, the inner calling cannot be silenced.
Are there any other energies responsible for this ?
Yes, it is with great sorrow that we have to say that the raising of the consciousness on your planet depends also in part on the reunion of the Twin Flames / Twin Souls. Unfortunately over the last few years, even after the massive appearance and reunions of Twins, the rest of the world’s population has rapidly declined in numbers and their efforts to raise consciousness. The level needed for your planet reaching the Golden Age was close at one point and started to decrease again last year.
Make no mistake, we want Humanity to succeed and reach the point where Love rules your planet and we will do anything to assist with this effort. We encourage all of you who want to see their union to be finalized and eternal: ask for help and it will happen, manifest and intent your union with the strength that only Twin Flames and Twin Souls possess. You are on the verge of eternal bliss and love, don't let duality and fear stand in your way. The Union is blessed and will remain one of the most Sacred Unions there is, no matter in which timeline or dimension you will reunite !
We have given you all the answers for now, we send our blessings and eternal love. Be well Cirrias, you are the messenger; spread the word !
I am honored to be the messenger and the connection. I accept my mission and will spread the word. Thank you for allowing me to raise these questions today and please accept my eternal gratitude for the blessings and love.
I am Cirrias Messenger to all and I am your connection to Source and the Universe
This ends my channel and I sincerely hope it will help all those who are in need for answers.
The Universe has promised us there is HOPE. Together we can manifest and intent and, if you allow me, I will help to lead the way.
Hope for Twin Flames/Twin Souls

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twin Flames/Twin Souls wrong timing?

When I think about my personal reunion, one thing is coming to mind: the timing was right !!
I would not be here and writing about it today without the right timing. Both my Twin and I let the Universe decide when it was the right time for us to find each other.

Wrong Time for Reunion ?

So many of you have contacted me and asked me "why is it so difficult to stay together once I have found my Twin" ?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. The Universe has planned for you to reunite at exactly the right time, but since we create and change our destiny with every breath we take we often get impatient and want to be with our Twin . So you start searching for him or her, and sometimes you are successful and actually find him or her.

In most cases when you do, the other person will feel the strong bond that connects you as well as you do right away. The only difference is that he or she will not be ready for the incredible news presented to him or her. It is possible to have an incredible love affair for a little while and even making plans on staying together. But then like a lightning bolt, it seems to hit them and they get overwhelmed and start withdrawing. Very often your Twin and you are still in existing relationships, and only one of you is ready to break away to reunite, sometimes both of you will struggle with the idea of changing their life completely to be reunited.

This is where it becomes obvious that the time frame for the reunion is not in the present but rather in the future for both of you. If the timing was right, you would and would do anything in your power to reunite.
When you get to this point, it causes a lot of hardship and hurt; you cannot understand why he/she is not ready to be with you and choose to stay in the present relationship. Not only will you be unhappy about the situation that causes you so much heartache, but you will question the whole idea of the Twin Flame / Twin Soul reunion and prophecy. You want answers and you wonder why your Twin is not ready and why the Universe let you find him/her if you cannot be together.

You forgot that it was who searched and found him/her and it was you who decided it was time for reunion.

No matter how much you wanted it to be true and to reunite, if it is the wrong time it cannot work out and you will be left with a big aching hole in your Heart and your Soul. There are other cases when destiny just makes you run into your Twin to early and both of you are not ready but are willing to accept the intense time you can spend together, even just for a short time. If you are one of these couples, you know how both of you tried, sometimes over many years, to make sense out of your relationship. It just seems to go on and on but without any hope of being together forever. Often one of you decides to leave and there is no communication for long periods of time. No matter how long you are apart, you always feel close to each other.

When you are together you feel like the world disappears and only the two of you exist. When you are apart, you feel like being lost, alone and without a reason to live for. You feel physical pain and it is like missing a part of yourself.

Almost all Twin Flames / Twin Souls couples have something in common: one of the Twins is what we call . The other is usually spiritually higher evolved than her Twin.

This can cause some even if the timing is right because the stronger in faith has to build up the other one, that is still questioning the concept of Twin Flames / Twin Souls.

The difference between the couples where the timing is right and the ones where it is wrong is that, if the timing is right, it won't cause any problems; it is more like showing the other the way. If you are in the wrong time zone for reunion, it is almost impossible to overcome the obstacles.
I know it must sound totally hopeless if you find yourself belonging to the group of wrong timing. Don't despair and don't give up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I have seen rare cases where, even at the wrong time, Twin couples have been able to overcome the obstacles and stayed in touch over as many as 10 years. Even during all this time they never lost hope and always knew that they belonged together. So I can say, I have seen it first hand, some may have found each other to early but found a way to reunite even if it was not easy at times.

Twin Flames / Twin Souls are destined to be together in this life or some other life when the time is right.

If you feel you belong to the wrong time group, you might want to try and find out when your reunion is possible. It is always up to to decide what is the best and right for you, just keep in mind the that Universe does not work on time plan.

The love of Twin Flames / Twin souls is eternal. You cannot loose, you are destined to be together.

Wrong Time for Reunion

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The difference between Twin Flames and Twin Souls

What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Twin soul?
By Cirrias

The difference between Twin Flames and Twin SoulsThis question has come up several times when I talked about my own experience living with my Twin Flame.
questions and answers
The major difference is; twin souls always are romantically involved and carry out their spiritual mission together. Twin flames reunite to full fill their mission and can be romantically involved, but in most cases they are not. The reason for this is simple; there are two kinds of reunions. The first one is for the sole purpose of assisting this Planet in the raising of consciousness for the upcoming ascension of each individual inhabitant of Planet Earth.
The second one, like the first one is also about assisting and helping with this important mission. The difference is that when the twin flame souls were divided in the beginning by Source, it was agreed on bringing them back together, for the final reunion. So there are twin flames that will find each other, get together to help humanity and than might leave each other to follow their own path. The others stay together in a loving relationship; living in harmony and continue to help with the preparation for ascension. So the idea of twin flames are the perfect partners and lovers is not completely correct. Much has been written about this and some can be very confusing, if you seeking answers. Some web sites focus on the ecstasy part of the reunion and how it will be the perfect intimate experience. Like every relationship is unique so is the one of the twin flame couple; the focus should be on the spiritual mission, rather then the personal part of the union.

In the case of the twin soul couple, all of the above applies; you have the mission part and eternal love. Divided and reunited at the right time, this is the ultimate in personal and spiritual union.
Twin souls vibrate at a much higher frequency level than twin flames, and in total harmony; a vibration that can be felt and in rare cases it even becomes visible. You can see their auric field in the colors of the rainbow but much stronger, on the purple and white color. If you able to see auras, you can see how their energy fields seems to merge, it looks like a giant bubble of iridescent light around both of them, rather than two bubbles, you normally see with two people.

Twin souls are true mirrors of each other and have experienced many lives together in the past, but until the final reunion; they have not been aware of the fact that they are indeed Twin souls.
Not everybody has a Twin Soul counter part, there are very special beings and put in place by Source for a reason. For some the timing to reunite is off, and in most cases it causes difficulties in the mundane life. There is usually a big age difference between the partners, generally it does not cause any difficulty at all. I can say from personal experience; age plays no role at all in our relationship.
The way the Universe has designed this union, is to grow together and the one that has the greater knowledge, is bringing the other one along, and up to his or her level.
So if you only seeking to find the love of your life and are attracted to the ecstasy part of the union; this will help you understand a little bit more about the difference of twin flames and twin souls.
And if you would like to find out about the possibility of finding and reuniting with your twin flame/twin soul; you can check out my website for an in depth reading. Twin Flames/Twin Souls Reunion
 By Cirrias